Below you may find all Q&A that will help you understand a lot more about our program. Please read them carefully as they are part of our Terms and Conditions.

System Related Questions

I have added three tours but the system asks me to pay for all three. One of them is Heraklion Market City Tour. Why?

You must make sure that you first choose 2 other excursions and then add as third the Heraklion Market City Tour.

I can not see a calendar when i click on the date to book an excursion. Why?

Do a page refresh and try again. If you are on a smart phone make sure that when you click on the date, the smart phone's keyboard is hidden.

Common Questions

How can I find out if my tour is handicap accessible?

Unfortunately none of our excursions are handicap accessible, We do organize though special group excursion on request.

Can I get a discount if I book more tours with you?

We offer a "BUY TWO GET ONE FREE" scheme. Once you book two or more excursions you get "Heraklion City Tour" for free.

Can I buy an activity for another person?

Yes you can.

Do you offer special pricing for children, students, or seniors?

We only offer a half price for children between 5 and 12 years old.

Can I book activities locally or online?

You may book either online or just visit one of our local shops as shown on our ''Official Partners" page.

How do I choose the best tour/activity?

All of our tours are excellent, so what you need to take in consideration is what you really like by reading each excursion details.

Am i eligible for reduced price at different archaelogical sites?

Please visit the following link to see if you are eligible for reduced prices or even free entrance.Link.

Do persons up to 18 years old pay entrance at the different archaelogical sites?

No. They enjoy a free entrance for educational purposes.

What is your payment policy?

You need to pay with credit/debit card. We do not accept any other forms of payment.  All prices are in euro, per person and do not include extras (entrance fees, ferry tickets, meals e.t.c) except for "Cretan Folklore Night" excursion in which "Cretan Dinner " is included in the excursion. 

I see that not everything is included in the price i paid for the excursion. Why is that?

Read the excursion description and important info carefully. As a Tour company we are not allowed to receive money for entrance to different locations like spinalonga, matala, monasteries, and other places. Also we do not collect money for the boat trips since these trips are made through third parties. For that reason you are asked to pay separately for the above. The extra costs are mentioned very clearly for every excursion. Still your total cost will be significantly lower than any other Official Tour Operator Company on the island.

Discount Codes

My discount code is not working. How can I apply it to my booking?

Please send us an email to

How do I get the discount code?

We reward our repeat clients with discount codes based on the number of excursions the buy. From time to time we reward our newsletter members with discounts too.

I received a discount code in my email. Can I apply it towards a tour that I have already purchased?

Unfortunately its only for your next purchase.

Credit/Debit Card Safety

There was an error processing my credit/debit card. How do I proceed?

There should be no error during the process but sometimes either your internet connection is slow or lost, or there is something wrong with your card. Please check your balance and contact us if there is a fee charged by us for an excursion you purchased.

Is my credit/debit card safe?

Yes, your credit/debit card is safe. We do not share or store any information in our system. We work with one of the biggest banks in Greece "EUROBANK'' and all details go through this bank.


Do I get a receipt for my booking?

Yes, you will receive a receipt/confirmation from our bank.

Hotel Pickup and Drop off

My hotel is not listed in the list of available hotels. What are my options?

Write us an email with your hotel name. If it is within the areas we operate we will include it in our list and email you back with the confirmation. If it is outside our work zone we will reply accordnigly.

I have booked an excursion but i can't locate my pick up point.

Write us and give us your reservation number and we will contact you directly in order to help you.

The tour I would like to book requires my hotel details. What if I have not yet chosen a hotel or am staying in an apartment or other residence?

You can not book an excursion with us without having your hotel details.

My excursion offers hotel pickup. How can I request that they pick up at my hotel?

All of our excursions include a pickup and drop off point. If the system does not provide you with a hotel pickup point that is because there is near you a more popular pickup point. If you can't find it send us an email. We will try to help you.

Boat Tours

Are there excursions that include a boat tour/trip?

Yes. Chrissi Island, Spinalonga, Samaria Gorge, and others include a boat trip. Please read the excursion details. Those trips are not included in the price you will pay here. You will be asked to pay before entering the boat. See excursions details for the exact cost.


I would like to book a tour, but your calendar doesn't go out that far. How can I proceed?

We only offer tours from May until October. Each excursion has its own calendar and you may choose only the dates that combine your language selection with the excursion of your choice. 

How do I check availability?

As long you book 48 hours before pickup time we will make sure that there will be availability.

I cannot select the date that I’m looking for; what can I do?

That means that either the excursion is fully booked for that date or the excursion is not available.


Are the tours guided?

All of our tours include guides except and where otherwise noted.

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not required, but we highly recommend that you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure to protect your travel purchases.  We do not offer travel insurance. Our insurance covers all injury costs while you are onboard our busses.

Will my guide speak my language?

During the process of buying an excursion you will be asked to choose your language. That is the language your guide will speak.

Will there be more than one language guides during the tour?

Although we try not to have more than one language during our tours, we find it quite difficult especially during low season. In any case we make sure that the tour is enjoyable for all tourists.

I will have luggage with me on the day of the tour. What are my options?

Thats not a problem. We can keep your luggage on our bus. Please note that we take no responcibility for any items lost.

Does EXCELLENT CRETE provide infant seats?

No we do not provide seats for infants. We consider infants up to the age of 5. It is the responcibility of the family members to hold the infant during the tour.  If are available seats an infant can occupie it as long as the seat is near a family member.

Are animals allowed on tours?

No we do not allow animals on our tours.

Will I need a credit/debit card or other documentation for any of your tours?

You will need a credit/debit card only if you wish to purchase something during the stops of the tour. The guide will ask you for your passport or driving license at the pickup point to ensure that your name is the one on the voucher and her list.

Can I take a tour if I am pregnant?

Althoug we do not suggest buying any tours if you are at the last stage of your pregnacy, we can not stop you from purchasing one or more excursions. The only excursion that you are not allowed on is Samaria Gorge cause of its nature.

Is there a minimum age for your tours?

No there is not. You are as young as you feel. But if you have a bad health you must ignore Samaria Gorge excursion.

Is there a specific departure time for each excursion?

Departure time can varies from one excursion to another and from one area to another. Please read your booking confirmation and voucher details to make sure you don't miss your bus.

Do you offer hiking tours?

We offer Samaria Gorge hiking tour that is 18km long. Your Guide will customize your hiking tour based on your abilities and personal preferences. That means that if the guide decides that you are not able to do the whole distance he or she will provide you with a shorter route.

Do you offer private tours?

Our knowledgeable multilingual guides offer customized traveling experience and make your next vacation more enjoyable by letting them manage the details.

Is there time for shopping on the tours?

Shopping is an important part of travel and wherever possible time for this activity is allowed within the frame work of most of our excursions.

Can i take snacks with me?

Yes, you may bring you own food or snacks provided you keep the bus, and the areas you visit clean. You are not allowed to bring food or snacks with strong smell. Please avoid alcohol cause we reserve the right to cancel your excursion with no refund.

Are there long stops or just short ones?

According the excursion there will be stops. Those stops are part of the tour and provide you with the time to explore different areas part of the excursion. 


How many people do I need for a group reservation?  

You must be atleast 10 persons. In such case you enjoy a 10% discount. 

Complaints / Feedback

We would like to hear from you. Not only the good things but also the bad ones. Write us with your comments and gives us your feeedback to make things better. Your opinion is very important for us.  We separate the complaints in four categories.

1. Problems with the tour.

2. Problems with a guide or driver.

3. Lost bus or meeting point during the tour.

4. Other.

Voucher Issues

I have not received an electronic voucher. How can I proceed?

Please send us an email at

I have booked 2 excursions will i get 1 for free?

Yes. a specific excursion will be added to your cart. Make sure you choose the date you wish to go.

I dont wish to have the free excursion. What can i do?

If you booked two excursions and you do not wish to go on the free tour just erase it from your cart. Touring Club does not offer any other kind of benefits and will not change it for any other excursion or discount,

Will I get my tickets in the mail?

During the purchase process you will be asked to fill in your email. Make sure you make no mistake. We will use that email to send you all relevant information.

After I make a booking, how long will I wait to receive my voucher?

You will receive your voucher within 24 hours.

Do I have to print my voucher or can I simply show an electronic version on my mobile device?

Both solutions are fine.

On-Tour Inquiries

What will happen if I lose a meeting point and time?

If you miss the pickup point departure you need to call us at +302897022669.

What happens if there is bad weather the day of my tour?

Unless the weather conditions are making the excursion impossible or dangerous for our clients, the excursion will be as planned.

What do I do if I cannot find my bus  at my meeting location?

If the bus is late more than 15 minutes, you need to contact us by phone at +302897022669.

Cancellations & Refunds

How do I cancel my booking?

You may cancel your booking and get a refund under our Terms and Conditions. Please contact us at

I have cancelled/changed my reservation, how long will it take to see a refund on my credit card?

Not more than seven days.

How will I know if a tour has been cancelled?

We will either call you on the cellphone you will provide us during the purchase process, If no answer we will leave a message at your hotel.

How do I request a refund?

If based on our Terms and Conditions you are entitled for a refund just send us an email at

What is your cancellation policy?

Excellent Crete reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour, due to adverse weather conditions or, insufficient passenger number or, force majeure, 12 hours prior to departure time with a notification to the Agent or the traveler.

If the above questions and answers are not helpful please contact us with any questions that we may have missed.